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We are a casual guild with lots of experience in MMO's.

We will be doing the content, ALL OF IT, as a group, to maximize our FUN, not our progression.

We will not be pushing people to hit max level, we want you to enjoy the organic nature of Guild Wars 2, we want you to explore and experience the world around you through dynamic events. We want the guild chat to go nuts when we should be at a kick ass dynamic event.

No longer is this like WoW or other MMOS where we MUST be the best to compete with the rest, so why treat the guild that way?

We will have a ranking system of Guild Leaders and Officers, but that is just to have people who are specialized in things like PVP, PVE, WvW, ORGANIZATION,  Loot into the bank, that kinda shit. Every member will have a voice, and every member WILL HAVE FUN DAMMIT!!!

Right now we only accept All members.

In order to become a full member, a trial run of one full week of representing (multi guild system) SS as your guild and being active with other guild members will be needed before promotion.

Anyway if this sounds like fun, tell us a bit about yourself and APPLY NOW!

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